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Welcome to the Tri County Youth Wrestling Leagues website.
This site is for its members to provide information and communications. We hope you enjoy your visit:

News and Information

  • Important: Members are responsible for submitting your team rosters on website prior to any match duals. This helps Home team in submitting match reports in a timely manner.  

  • Reminder: Home Teams are responsible for recording and submitting match reports and hard weight information. Using the check box on the on-line match report, automatically updates 1st & 2nd Hard Weight information. Check box is only for 1st and 2nd HW's. Actual weight information is for tournament eligibility. Members should check their rosters on website for HW and match reports errors. Send any corrections ASAP with documentation to tcywl@tcywl.netWhen submitting match reports by email or upload please highlight, bold or circle winning wrestlers name.

  • To certify additional wrestlers who weigh-in but DO NOT wrestle in match (1st & 2nd hard weights). Send weigh-in information to tcywl@tcywl.net.

  • Members: Confirm your Contact information as listed on website. Email any corrections/changes to tcywl@tcywl.net

  • Teams looking for carded officials for dual matches; contact Barry Jackson from (Northwest Chapter #10420).
    c 973.876.7650
    h 862.219.5341

  • Events

    TCYWL American & National Divisional Championships Dual Wednesday February 18th 2014 @ Hanover Park HS.

    TCYWL League Championship Tournament Meet Sunday February 22, 2014 @ Mount Olive High School.

    League Documents:
    Concussion Clearance form
    Match Report (form) .xls
    Skin Clearance Form
    Weigh-in Sheet

    League Schedule:

    League Results:

    Pending Match Reports:

    Match Reports
  • Submit match reports on-line Member Login
  • Upload match reports or email to tcywl@tcywl.net:

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