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Welcome to the Tri County Youth Wrestling Leagues website.
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Tournament Counter
Hanover Park13
Morris Knolls11

  • Coaches/Assistants: All teams must wrestle all scheduled matches for league season. Please update your schedules for any matches canceled due to weather conditions or they will continue to display as (Pending Match Reports:) on Home page.

  • Coaches/Assistants:  End of season, all MATCH REPORTS and TOURNAMENT ROSTERS must be submitted by Wednesday the 10th for tournament seeding processing.

    Please review your teams information for errors in match reports, individuals records, spelling and etc. Errors can be corrected under Member login section of site or send correction/s to tcywl@tcywl.net. 

    Tournament Rosters can be entered/changed though Member login menu on website or emailed.

    Go to Roster and Click the edit link next to wrestlers name entering tournament; then use the Tournament Wt. Class drop down to select tournament wt. class wrestler will be wrestling @; then click the Update Wrestler button. When you're done you can check your entries under the Reports menu; Look for your team name Tournament Roster. Also you'll find other league reports you will need for seeding meeting (Roster, H2H and Standings).

    Important: Update your wrestlers current school grade for next seasons power rankings.

    Note: On-line changes after Wednesday the 10th will not be reflected in tournament rosters and records or reports for seeding meeting.

  • Teams with heavy weight wrestlers for tournament that don't have any matches recorded need to send wrestlers information to tcywl@tcywl.net for manual tournament entry.

  • Events

    TCYWL American & National Divisional Championship Duals Wednesday February 10th 2016 @ Mount Olive HS.

    TCYWL League Championship Tournament Sunday February 14, 2016 @ Mount Olive High School.

    Mahwah March Mania Novice Tournament Saturday March 5th. Online Registration

    League Documents:
    By-Laws Addendum
    Concussion Clearance form
    Match Report (form) .pdf
    Match Report (form) .xls
    Out of town hardship request form
    Skin Clearance Form
    Weigh-in Sheet (.pdf)
    Weigh-in Sheet (.xls)

    League Schedule:
    2/7/2016 Newton vs Mount Olive - National @ Newton
    2/8/2016 Paramus vs Montville - American @ Paramus
    2/9/2016 Montville - American vs Roxbury - American @ Montville American
    2/9/2016 Montville - American vs Roxbury - National @ Montville American
    2/9/2016 Sparta vs Pequannock @ Sparta
    2/9/2016 Morris Knolls vs Belvidere  @ Morris Knolls High School
    2/11/2016 Hopatcong vs Mahwah @ Mahwah

    League Results:
    2/1/2016 - Morris Knolls 26,  Morristown 54
    2/1/2016 - Pequannock 27,  Mount Olive - American 66
    2/2/2016 - Hackettstown 47,  Randolph 49
    2/2/2016 - Hanover Park 20,  Montville - American 67
    2/2/2016 - Mount Olive - American 62,  Sparta 28
    2/2/2016 - Mount Olive - National 34,  Sparta 61
    2/3/2016 - Hanover Park 33,  Pequannock 58
    2/3/2016 - Hopatcong 18,  Morristown 68
    2/4/2016 - Randolph 26,  Montville - American 53
    2/6/2016 - Morris Knolls 43,  Montville - National 28
    2/7/2016 - Newton 43,  Mount Olive - National 33

    Pending Match Reports:
    1/22/2016 Pequannock and Pequannock
    1/23/2016 Kearny and Sparta
    1/30/2016 Montville - American and Montville - National
    2/6/2016 Morris Knolls and Sparta
    2/6/2016 Morris Knolls and Kearny
    2/6/2016 Mount Olive - National and Hanover Park
    2/6/2016 Mount Olive - American and Hanover Park
    2/6/2016 Belvidere and Paramus
    2/6/2016 Newton and Hanover Park

    Match Reports
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